Thursday, November 28, 2013

Goodbye, Herman

I started to watch “Hello, Herman” this morning but I had to switch it off. It was really awful. I have huge respect for Norman Reedus from “The Walking Dead.” Even his fantastic acting could not save this film. He was so much better than all the other actors involved that it reminded a bit of those straight-to-video action flicks Oscar-nominee Eric Roberts starred in during the 90s.

And the subject matter had the makings of something worth seeing too. Reedus is a vlogging journalist--named Lax Morales? Seriously?--who accepts an exclusive interview offer from a high school spree shooter. But the journalist has a touchy past involving a white supremacy group, and these details slowly emerge during the film.

But there were too many huge flaws. Principally, the spree shooter kid is a terribly-drawn character played by a weak young actor. His dialogue is all over the place and so unrealistic that you have no sense of who or what he is supposed to be. Most of the time he comes across as just an Evil Villain (tm) more appropriate to a comic book flick than a serious drama. Mix in the horrible title, lazy directing choices like the use of stock footage and continuity errors, and it became clear fairly quickly that I had better ways to use my time that watch this.